Sunday, November 18, 2012

India Bound

The big storm last night dropped 120 points of rain at home and at the farm. It was windy but not damaging. Poofy slept just inside the door, sheltered from the elements.

Meg had a great time at Roma Races with friends from school and college. They backed their two cars together, strung a tarp over the raised boots and camped.

We picked Mum up mid-morning and headed for Bris. We packed Drew's bag until the fire alarm went off and forced us outside to the assembly area. We had to go to Mass over at Bardon for "commissioning" of the trip. The boys received a little wooden cross which actually looks like a stylish "T"; we all agreed they look pretty cool. It's been two years since I've set foot in a church for mass, the booming thunder and lightning as a huge storm raged outside testament to that! There's not a lot of religion amongst us but it was nice to sit peacefully in a beautiful church and watch the familiar rituals again. One of the female singers was almost trance like when she sang the hymns; we all noticed it. I watched her a lot; I'm a little in awe of someone who obviously has such a strong faith in something that I sometimes struggle to understand.

After Mass we were going to go for dinner at the same Chinese restaurant where we went the day I finished my bike ride, but Drew decided he should have one last steak before he braved the delights of Indian cuisine so we ended up at the Regatta. We took one of the other boys along and enjoyed steak, fish and chicken. Drew took his first malaria tablet and will continue to take them for a while.

So now it's only a few hours until he leaves Australia again. There are some challenges that lay ahead and some hard decisions to be made but I think that what he learns about himself (and others) during the course of this trip will change his life.

Look out India, here they come.

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