Friday, August 28, 2015

The City

We had two days of meetings in Brisbane which provided me the opportunity to catch up with Drew!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

More From Last Week

Our favourite thing to do on a Sunday is have breakfast at our local little coffee shop.

Coco treated herself to a mud bath.

We moved Boris up to the Berkshire Broads. What you see here is Plan B. Plan A did not go at all well. There may have been words spoken in anger and frustration with the suggestion that I am done with SFIs. I won't tell you what SFI means, suffice to say I refuse to go along with any more hare-brained ideas. From now on, we do it my way; the same way most normal people do things. The way things make sense. No More SFIs.

The girls were pleased to see him. Either that, or it was the feed in the bottom of the trailer that attracted them.

Pig Kisses.

We had friends over for dinner on Saturday night. They're some of our closest friends and we were shocked to realise we hadn't seen them for over a year. What an awful record. We had a no fuss grazing menu - cheeses/dips/olives/sd toms/ mussels/crackers platter followed by honey soy chicken wings, beef ribs and mini quiches, rounded out with patty cakes and iced gingerbread biscuits. We took a hamper of leftovers to my brother, Peter.

Coco was locked up while we drafted heifers off for sale on Tuesday. There's no way we can work in the yards with her 'helping'.

She was very sad.

I love Vivienne, the beautiful sheep.

The Woodlawn Week

Last week flew by. It was all about the animals. Especially the ones that kept getting out. Here they are, hanging around the fruit trees (after sampling the bamboo).

It's pretty dry.

Boris loves his veges and ration in the morning.

Pretty little seabright.

78 eggs ready for the incubator.

One of the Guinea 4; they are such funny birds. As soon as they think something might be happening they run really fast to investigate, making their unusual chit chit sounds.

Barney came for a night. Chloe wasn't impressed; here she is, welcoming him. Coco didn't want to look!

Chloe loves Meg. She lets her have a cuddle, but not for long.

Monday, August 24, 2015

RTCC 2015 - 15th-16th August, 2015

I made it! 205km, up hills, down hills, flat roads, sharp corners, traffic lights, roundabouts, horse floats and big trucks. It was hard but it was really good. I rode by myself and just took my time. Gibbo drove the raffle car from start to finish, stopping at each pit stop along the way. We were all able to pile our gear in with him and collect it at the end.

The night before, we stayed in the city in a lovely apartment. Pity it was such a short stay! After virtually no training I was feeling quite nervous but there was no turning back!

Early start on Saturday morning - a quick breakfast and photo ops and we were on the start line. After the opening ceremony, we were off!

There were 4 pit stops each day so the ride was easily broken down into 5 short ones. It was good to see Gibbo at each one. He and Eva and Jimmy did a great job of cheering us all in.

Here he is, ringing his bell!

Camp was at Canungra; there was a big welcoming committee as each of us came up the final hill into the grounds.

 I couldn't get a booking for a massage so went for an acupuncture session on my hamstrings - and had the needles in my arms!! It was a very relaxing 20 minutes and was a good idea I think. Dinner was very welcome; the team was well recognised for our fundraising efforts $324,000!! Amazing. Eight of us were in the top 10 fundraisers and rode the return leg in special polka dot jerseys.

No, they're not looking at the latest new headlines; they're watching the Bledisloe Cup - which Australia lost really badly!

I slept very well in the tent; Gibbo got up through the night and I had no idea. Wrapped in my sleeping bag and minky blanket I didn't hear a thing (except for some snoring). I got up at 4.30 and started getting ready for the return journey. Gibbo drove back to the city to park the car at the finish line; the rest of us headed out to start riding - in the rain!! Memories of last year's downpour flooded back but I figured at least we were on the home leg this time, not heading out!

It was a hard slog back, plenty of hills but I didn't walk. When I got near the Uni, anticipation grew. I made the mistake last year when I was 5km out from home thinking that the ride was nearly done - this year I was a bit smarter. There's a lot of hills around the Uni! I knew once I hit Carmody Rd that the end was close and from that moment on I couldn't stop smiling! I rode up past the soccer fields and turned right onto SFS Drive where the 1km ride to the finish stretched out in front of me. I took my time, enjoying the atmosphere and marvelling at the fact that I'd finished! I could here the loud thump-thump of the music at the finish line and the sound of the announcer's voice. As I rode in under the banner I was greeted by lots of cheering AACo people! It was such a great feeling!

I had a coffee and a burger and got some more photos. I caught up with the girls from the NT stations then waited at the finish line for the rest of the team to ride in.

It was such a great thing to do - I'm so glad I did it! We heard the organisers aren't running another one next year so I think the Company will come up with something along the same lines to do to raise money for a charity (but not quite on the same scale as this one).