Sunday, July 13, 2014

Poofy Gibbons. A Dog That Was Loved

I'm not going to say a whole lot here; the pictures speak for themselves. You may think it harsh of me to have taken them but I need to record it for our kids to see.

Poofy met an untimely end this morning under the back wheel of a visitor's car. Death was instantaneous; he wouldn't have known what happened. We are all terribly heartbroken.

Farewell to the Happiest Dog in Australia.

The Three Amigos, together for the last time. A final farewell.

More of Meg

On top of everything that happened to Meg last week (Canada job and bomb scare) she has landed the District Manager's role at Roma for a 3 month contract with the possibility of it being a permanent placing.

Now there's big decisions to be made - two completely different jobs (in all aspects) in two completely different countries.

G and I went to Twba last night to have dinner with her and talk about her options. We went to a sushi train eatery and then on to the coffee club for hot drinks. I could have stayed in there all night; it was so cosy and warm and comfortable.

Not sure what G's story is in this photo. Of all the photos taken this was the least stupid most normal one of him.....

Planes and Strays

Last Tuesday Gibbo and I flew to Cowra, he to inspect 115 bulls and me to work on an important presentation on the way down (due by lunchtime for meetings the next day). The plane picked us up just after 6.30am and we arrived at a very foggy Cowra airport a couple of hours later, circling for a few minutes while we waited for the fog to burn off. We had been warned to bring coats and gum boots but, considering it's winter and we were in the south, it wasn't too bad at all. Mind you, we went from a warm plane to a warm car to a warm house, out in the chilly air for the drafting of the bulls, then back into a warm car, warm plane and home. The plane dropped me off and G continued on to Brisbane for 3 days of meetings. I took photos but I left the camera on the plane; it should find it's way back to us over the next few days so I'll post the photos then.

It's been cold here; minus 5 on Friday morning!

On Thursday the receptionist at work arrived to say she had picked up a little stray dog on the highway. She had dropped him at the vet for a cleanup and a bath and a flea treatment. She showed me a picture of him; he was extremely cute and exactly the kind of dog I want to get one day. I told her if she couldn't look after him, that we would. So on Friday, she turned up at work with him...and I brought him home. I locked him up and fed him some cat food, a chicken neck and some chicken hearts. He spent Saturday with us, playing with Poofy and Coco and checking everything out. G put a photo of him on the local Lost Pets page and last night, someone claimed him :( We delivered him to town this morning; a happy ending.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Offers and Threats

Sometimes the strangest things happen.

Meg received this via email.

Then, a few days later, she found herself on TV after a disgruntled client rang the office with a bomb threat, threatening to blow up all the ^&$%* inside. Meg's life is never dull (she works in the field of Corrections so has seen and dealt with a lot of human behaviours that most of us can only imagine).

A few months in the ski fields of Canada could be just the change she needs!


Meg has had a whirlwind cleaning session at the place where she lives; the house is going on the market this week so she's been busy. Her room looks amazing.

Drew is on holidays from Uni; he and Chrissie, one of his housemates, went out for lunch during the week. Tough life hey?

Mum gave him some money for his 21st so he bought himself a very nice watch as a memento.

We gave him cash and 2 tickets to climb the Story Bridge. He and his friend, Adrian, did a twilight climb during the week; awesome he said.

He's been working a bit more during the holidays, saving money for a possible trip to The Philippines at the end of the year. All uni subjects passed. Phew! One semester to go!

Team Gibbons is OUT THERE!!!

TEAM GIBBONS IS ON THE ROAD!!! Raising money for cancer research in memory of our friend and colleague, Pat D. Sponsor me here if you wish to - (you need my full name - maryanne gibbons)

I sent this photo to the kids. Drew thought G looked like he was struggling; he hadn't even done one rotation of the pedals at this stage!!

There's a lot of long flat roads out our way.

Weekend Wrap

It's nearly the weekend again and I haven't managed to finish last weekend's wrap yet; not for want of trying.

We got up early and went to the Nanango markets where we purchased honey, lemon butter, passionfruit butter, some seedlings and a shoulder bag to match the shirt I bought at last month's markets. We travelled over with my brothers and Mum and enjoyed a dagwood dog for morning tea!

We raced back home in time to meet up with DHC, our friend and previous owner of the feedlot. We showed him around our farm, had a sandwich then headed to the feedlot to meet up with some of his family who had come to show their children where it was that their mothers had grown up and worked and played. As always, it was great to see him and catch up. He was very good to us in the 16 years we worked for him before we became "corporatised" and all the fun went out of it.

Back home again and we took grain to The Compound. I saw, may have seen, didn't see the black and white cat slinking stealthily away from the main chook area, through the grass and out through the back fence.

Did you see that?
Did you see what I saw?
Did you see anything?
What did you see?
Nothing. Nothing at all. Ahem. Meow.

I don't think he believed me.

That night we went to town to a boring exciting cricket bbq - zzzzzzzzzz. I managed to stay awake long enough to listen to some funny cricket stories (aren't they all) before driving home and falling into my nice warm, soft bed. It had been a long and busy day.

Sunday was much the same ie go, go, go. I planted out the veges from the markets.

My red geraniums in the terracotta pots on the front steps have recovered after a slow start.

The kids are doing well despite runny bums.

We somehow got Goliath, the biggest chook pen ever, onto the back of the trailer, ready for transporting to The Compound. There are absolutely no WH&S precautions taken when G plans some of his hair-brained really good projects. Some of the things we end up doing would make your hair stand on end. Plus, I think he thinks I'm a female version of The Incredible Hulk and that I'm able to lift objects 50 times my weight....anyway, after quite a lot of strategising and manoeuvring we got the pen where he wanted it.

Then we went riding.

When we got back we took Goliath to The Compound. Madam had to stay in the car while we dropped it off the trailer; she is prone to being under things when they're dropped. Last time it happened it cost a lot of $$ and nearly her life.

We dropped it, which involved more precarious manoeuvrings and the planting of the accelerator to the floor. Then it had to be spun so that it stretched across the pen. Not an easy task, but achieved in the end.

The white turkey is clucky; hopefully she'll make it to full term.

It might not look like it but there's a tree in there. Bitter frosts have struck and we've mulched and covered the most vulnerable trees in an attempt to protect and save them. We're still getting used to living in a frosty environment; at the old place, on the ridge, we only had a handful of frosts each year. At Woodlawn, they're a common occurrence.

We finished the weekend in style with dinner being the huge prawns that DHC brought with him.

Monday, June 30, 2014


It happened. They're Orphans. Peppie didn't make it. Her final resting place is at the foot of the tall single bottle tree at the top of the farm. She can watch over us forever now. Here Lies Pepper. A Goat Who Was Loved.