Sunday, March 1, 2015

Our Local Show

Our local show was held yesterday; we ventured in about 11.30 and spent the day going between the bar, the canteen, the fat cattle, the stud cattle and the wood chop.

We wandered through the pavilion on arrival and checked out the craft, cooking, photography, painting and pot plants. It didn't take G long; I went back later for a more thorough look.

Another shed housed the fresh produce - herbs, veges and crops.

We spent quite a time at the fat cattle section, critiquing the entries and disagreeing with the judge.

For Fiona.

The Showgirls.

I always enjoy wandering through the stud cattle section.

The sheep were impressive; no goats though.

This Belgian Blue has a butt like Kim K - well muscled and rounded.

The wood chopping event is a huge drawcard each year; without it I wonder if the show would struggle for numbers. It goes all day and is quite entertaining.

Foot placement is important!

It was hot and steamy most of the day. We came home on dusk.

Lines and Wrinkles

Gibbo got home late from Darwin on Wednesday night after a tumultuous afternoon up there. We got up early and went to Brisbane on Thursday to take my Dad for his post-op checkup. A six hour drive for a 15 minute consultation - "excellent" was the verdict after the surgeon listened to his heart and told a funny joke. We had a quick bite to eat at a pub across the road then headed home, arriving in time to move the cows/heifers in the rotation and prop up a failing fence.

The new heifers live with the old wagyu cows.

Me and my husband and his dog (used to be my dog).

Me and my cows. Look at all those crows feet and wrinkles. Even when I smile, I frown.

Life on the Farm

Gibbo spent the early part of last week in Darwin attending to matters that now come under his management. I stayed home like the dutiful wife that I am and kept the wheels turning at this end of the country. At least the sheep appreciate me, if only to fill their stomachs.

Early morning feed. It takes at least an hour each morning to feed everyone; longer on the days I have to change waters, check the cattle and tanks and start the bore.

Early morning breakfast.

A beautiful mushroom; pretty to look at but not for eating.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Wild Weather

Well it's not so wild here. Other parts of the state have been hammered by Cyclone Marcia and parts of the NT are dealing with the fallout of Cyclone Lam. That's summer in Australia.

We've had 32mm over the last two days; it's fallen well, not too hard. It's been windy, but not severe.

Last weekend I filled the skinny gardens with hay; I love the look of freshly mulched gardens while the hay still looks golden before it loses it's colour and turns grey.

More rain to come.

Today we were supposed to go to Tenterfield for cricket but it was rained out. That means G won't have had hardly any match practice by the time we head to SA. He played in a 6-a-side comp last weekend and performed badly (his words).  Just over two weeks and we head off.

We went to CQ during the week for a couple of meetings to announce a restructure in the group. 12 hours of driving in a 36 hour trip. It's what we do. G has taken on another responsibility, a big one, which meant that some of what he does now had to be delegated. We really need to have this holiday because once we get back we'll be living in a cyclone of our own.