Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Mischief, thy name is Goat

It hasn't taken the two kids long to discover the front verandah; they like to play there in the morning sunshine.

Yesterday, Rusty found a riding glove just sitting around, waiting to be chewed and sucked on. He threw it up in the air and shook it from side to side. Then he flung it to the floor when he couldn't get any milk out of it.

50 Years

We attended the "50 year anniversary of home town rugby" dinner on Saturday night - a rather splendid, flash affair with a lot of old friends not seen for many seasons. Getting home at 1.30am was something we've not seen for a long time either!

G was named in the 50 year Golden Wheatmen team and was part of a 5 man Q&A panel that spent an hour on the stage answering predictable scintillating questions.

You can also see him in a photo on the wall, just to the right of the cartoonish looking character. He's running with the ball, about to pass it.

Something a Little Different

Meg and I spent the day together in Tba; we had very important appointments with an expert eyebrow technician - we both had gift vouchers from Mothers Day and birthday. I am now the very proud wearer of a beautiful set of eyebrows!! First time ever!

We might have did partake in coffee and several're never too old for an iced or cinnamon donut.

Random July

My Mum turned 77 in mid-July; we (ie, P and A and Mate and I and Drew) had lunch with her to celebrate. The 5 of us don't often get together so it was nice. Pics are on iPhone so not so flash.

We even managed to get Mate in the background!

My brothers head off on a Boys Own Adventure on Saturday; 3 weeks to Cooktown and back.

Monday, July 28, 2014

It's Dry

We've been feeding a bit of seasonal lick just lately. The cows love it.

Who said there were no rabbits in Queensland? Coco knows there is; when we go up to the tank she plays with them.

Rusty and Ruby

Meg has named the goats - Rusty and Ruby. They love to run around and act the goat (sorry).

That's not a goat. Chloe would never act the goat. She's much too refined for that.

Coco runs and plays with them, trying to boss them around.

Now There are Ten

Drew came home for a quick visit a couple of weeks ago. To celebrate, one of the ewes gave birth! That's ten lambs now. The first few have grown a lot.

Come Oooonnn....

And they did!!

Picking Bulls

I finally got the camera back, after leaving it on the plane when we flew south a few weeks ago. Here's a little peak at what we saw.

A dirty plane window, taking off.


Warm coats.

Fog over Cowra.

Solitary tree. I love solitary trees.

Bulls. Lots of them.

The country was very green; the air was fresh.