Wednesday, April 22, 2015

One Final Goodbye and a Welcome Home

Sunday March 29, 2015

We left Capetown Sunday morning and flew to Johannesburg where we heard the news that Australia had beaten New Zealand in the World Cup. Look who was sitting across from us and had the result on his phone – KENNY FROM JAPAN wearing a South Africa shirt!!!

We flew 10 hours to Singapore, had a 3 hour layover then flew 8 hours to Brisbane where my two containers of exotic seasonings were confiscated by Customs but the dangerous looking Biltong cutter with a machete like implement attached to a lump of untreated wood didn’t even rate a second glance (something to do with the pink peppercorns being able to sprout).

In an unusual turn of events Drew was waiting at the Arrivals gate for us (it’s usually us waiting for one of our children to emerge through the doors, safely home once more from their global wanderings; Meg is currently riding camels in the Indian desert); hugs all ’round. Then out of the crowd came Jude and Neil; they greeted us before heading off to Departures to catch a flight home to their families.

We arrived home at the farm after 11pm to this very appropriate welcome.

WAGs on Tour

We're a faithful bunch of followers, the QCC wives (and Tracey's mum). We're patient and supportive; we sometimes roll our eyes; we clap and cheer; we massage sore muscles; we commiserate and sympathise; we listen attentively to yet another funny cricket story; we love our husbands. It's been great spending time with this bunch of women and I'm sad to be leaving them. WAGs on Tour.

Wrapping it Up

The farewell party was held at a theme park; guest speakers were Sir Garfield Sobers, Joel Garner and Mike Proctor. More funny cricket stories.

Here's Wayne and Gibbo dissecting again. Most of us had an early start next day; one group had to leave at 4am, we were booked for a 7.30am shuttle and the rest were leaving at 8am so it wasn't a huge night. Everyone was pretty worn out; the full on week had taken it's toll.

Most of us haves signed up for the next Festival in two year's time in……...

Whoa Boa!

When we walked out of Monkey Town there was a girl from the nearby reptile park walking around with a boa constrictor. I love snakes. This encounter really made my day.

Monkey Town

Saturday March 28, 2015

We had a slow start to proceedings on Saturday; after a quiet breakfast we picked up our laundry and hired a driver to take us on the 45 minute drive to Monkey Town. We’d passed it on our way to the sharks earlier in the week. We spent a couple of hours there wandering through the exhibits and feeding the monkeys.

I was fascinated with the marmosets – I guess most monkeys look like us but the faces on these little guys seemed particularly human.

We went into an enclosure and fed some of the monkeys; one tried to steal the map out of Gibbo’s pocket. Later, he got away with it and took it up into a tree. The guide had to get it back but the monkey kept pulling on it and didn’t want to give up his treasure.

Oooh yeah, that feels gooooood…...

Map stealing.

The spider monkey was really cool and really sad

and really lanky

and really ugly.

Another marmoset, this time with very fat cheeks - how cute!

Ahh, home at last.

This guy had a nut that he was trying to break open.

He kept washing it then bashing it really hard with a big stone. I didn't get to see whether he cracked it or not because Gibbo called me over next door…..

where this guy kept tapping on the tortoise shell with a rock, then licking and rubbing the shell.

The monkeys were startled - and a little one jumped so high he looks like he's standing on the tip of his tail.