Monday, November 23, 2015

Easy Peasy Peaches!

Watermelon!!! How cute!!

We grew peaches without even trying! We drove past the original peach tree that was here when we came - the one that we don't water or fertilise or take any notice of - and it's got about 50 peaches on it!! Big fat beautiful looking peaches - and they taste fantastic!!!

Biltong Masterclass

Our South African friend, in Australia for a week, taught us how to make Biltong. He had the spices sent up from Sydney. It was an easy straightforward process but we're not really set up properly for the drying process so we improvised.

Making hooks and talking wagyu.


We tried the smaller pieces a bit before time; very tasty, great with a wine! Our friend brought the biltong cutter over with him.

Hello Honda

Last weekend we went to Twba and finally bought a new car. The old cruiser will be retired to a farm vehicle with farm registration. I picked the car up on Friday. Very nice drive home. Now I'm paranoid about hitting something (a kangaroo or even worse, a weaner - I've done that twice in the last couple of years). We'll get a bulbar in a month.

Coco likes it.

Around the Farm

Bully Boy still in the yards, waiting until the trigger date so that he can go up to the cows.

These 2 boys sold for a tidy sum; nearly every man and his dog wants a wagyu bull.

Drew came home and rearranged the pantry...

…and dropped his phone in a bucket of water when mixing chemical to spray weeds from the 4 wheeler set up. It still works.

Lots of chickens.

Drew rearranged the furniture too and got the feng shui just right! Chloe thinks so too!

Chloe hurt her leg, probably fighting, and has been hobbling for a week.

Six clucky silkies.

Coco letting Romeo know who's boss.

Barney searching for something.

Before the bad leg.

This little guy was born the morning of the French terrorist attacks; we named him Paris.

We sent a pig to the butcher; he added some wagyu; we ended up with so many beer sticks, wurst and salami we just don't know what to do with it all.

The cows are still calving; we've brought their date forward 2 months since Nov 2012.

I like it too.

Here's Barney looking surprised; or guilty?

The guineas are hard to photograph; they move so quickly. I've grown to really enjoy seeing them around the farm. They've split into 2 groups of 2, range far and wide and are quick to turn up if there's any action, anywhere. Bit of a rent-a-crowd thing happening.

King just wants to play with anyone that gets close enough. Including the sheep.

Black silkie eggs.

Coco likes it too!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Big Storm Sunday

As we travelled home this afternoon this is what was happening at the farm - Drew was there and captured it all on camera. There was 80mm in this cloud - and we ended up with just 2mm!! We've had good rain over the last 10 days though so no complaints; we were probably lucky not to be under this one.

This was taken just down the road.

My Reading List

We've been going away a bit lately and each time I seek out a book shop and a coffee shop and park myself. I've ended up with a stack of books in anticipation of finding time to start and finish at least one of them. I can't walk past what I think might be an interesting read and I picture myself sitting quietly somewhere, taking time out to lose myself in a story or maybe lying in bed reading for hours - I think I'm being a bit ambitious in this regard because I only ever stay awake for about 5 minutes once I'm horizontal. I used to read a lot but not so much any more.

Here they are:
Eat, Sleep, Cycle - A bike Ride Around the Coast of Britain
Locked In - One Man's Miraculous Escape form the Terrifying Confines of Locked In Syndrome
The Good Life - (Birthday present from Meg) - Four Glorious Seasons in a Country Garden
My Salinger Year - A year spent working as an assistant to the literary agent for JD Salinger
Salinger - The boy who became a Rebel; the Rebel who became a Soldier; the Soldier who became an Icon; the Icon who Disappeared - author of The Catcher in the Rye
Down Under - The Tune, the Times, the Tragedy
Big Magic - Creative Living Beyond Fear
After This - When Life is Over, Where Do We Go?
The Secretary - A Journey with Hillary Clinton from Beirut to the Heart of American Power
Practical Self Sufficiency - (Birthday present from Drew) - An Australian Guide to Sustainable Living

We're taking a few weeks off over Christmas/New Year - maybe I'll get time then?!

Calm and Relaxed!

I found this photo today on the company RTCC Facebook page; I didn't know it was on there and I can't really recall it being taken. I look quite relaxed and calm, not showing a hint of the nerves and trepidation I was feeling before heading off!