Saturday, December 13, 2014

Porky Pig

Our recent work Christmas party was held at the local lawn bowls club; JB cooked a pig in a spit he made himself. The pork was magnificent - not a piece of beef in sight (except some frozen wagyu steaks given out as prizes - I won one!). A school bus did a milk run pick up and drop off of attendees; it was a fun/funny night.

More Trees

After we visited the little farm a few weekends ago we swung by Gibbo's favourite shop - Bunnings - where we purchased more trees for his chook compound - 2 silky oak and a jacaranda.

Photogenic Sheep

We have very photogenic sheep (and children).

A Day Out

We have to go back to be able to come forward - a few weekends ago we visited a little farmlet about an hour's drive from here. The young couple, particularly the wife/mother, has a passion for sharing the story of how food arrives on the table. She hosts school groups, mothers groups, birthday parties, open days and market days in an attempt to spread the message. Kids can get up close and personal with and feed and touch the animals. We went to the most recent market day and spent a nice morning wandering around. It's not a huge enterprise by any means but when you're as passionate about what you do as this young woman is, size doesn't matter. She totally loves what she does.

These two were a bit naughty (the sheep I mean).

We were standing there watching them - Lamb 1 forced it's way out through the gate then lamb 2 stood back, thought for a second, then launched himself at the gate, bolted through the gap and the two of them took off through the next paddock and up to the house paddock (where they apparently usually live). We stood watching in astonishment!

Mama Pig, rather pregnant.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Graduate

Today was a very special day for all of us; Drew graduated from UQ (University of Queensland) with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in International Relations and Peace & Conflict Studies.

We left home early, made good time to the Uni and even had time to have the official photos taken before the ceremony. Afterwards we took a lot of family shots and then went for a celebratory lunch on Park Road - where, just as we finished lunch, it proceeded to absolutely bucket down with rain. It was a very wet trip home.

It was a very happy day spent with the people I love most in the world. Now I'm lying in bed hoping to stay awake long enough to load some heaps of photos - and the rain is falling so heavily on the roof that  I can actually hear it!

Warning - absolute photo overload - but there are so many lovely ones I can't just choose a few.

About to be presented.

You can't really tell from this photo but this is the moment Drew received his certificate; it's all happening in the blurry bit to the right of middle!

A bird flew by; the boys reacted.

Sibling Love.

There's always one isn't there?!

And then it poured.