Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Too Cute

On Tuesday 22nd, four little Berkshire piglets were born.

Monday, October 5, 2015

A Weekend Away

Three weekends ago we escaped the routine and went to the north coast hinterland to relax and regather ourselves; I probably felt the need more than G did. I had booked us in for a night at a little B&B; on the way we called in at a garden festival and after wandering around the town, found a reptile display as we headed back to the car. I love snakes. Especially carpet snakes. I stopped for a while and stroked her, feeling peaceful as I did.

We headed to Maleny where we had lunch. I wandered the streets for a couple of hours while G occupied himself playing poker on his iPad. I spent most of my time in the 3 bookshops where I made a few purchases. The main street was very busy; it has a nice feel to it.

Guess which one is mine!

The local co-op was a very popular place-it was full of eco/organic/natural food/soap/books/everything.

I bought the basket on the right.

Yes, they're real.

This is where we stayed. Quiet. Peaceful. Lovely.

The view from our room - The Loft. It was raining but that didn't matter.

The sitting room.

The breakfast room.

So inviting.

On the Sunday we took our time leaving. We enjoyed a home made breakfast of tea, coffee, muesli, fresh fruit, yoghurt, little quiches and raspberry friands. We drove up to Mapleton then back to Montville, stopped in at Maleny again then made the trip home. Relaxed and Refreshed. A great birthday weekend.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

7 Years

Celebrating 7 years of blogging;  sometimes prolific, sometimes sporadic but always blogging!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

HB to Me…..

It was my birthday on Friday. I got some lovely gifts and special phone calls.

Oh, and a new farm; contract signed, not quite sealed and delivered yet; the bank will have a say in that.
A new farm you say?
Because they're not making any more land and it's too good an opportunity to be driving past every day and not do anything about.
Because we don't have enough to do so thought we'd pile a bit more on?
Are you guys crazy?
but we'll park it for a couple of years, lease it to the neighbour (already an agreement in place) and see what happens.

Here's Coco giving me some intense birthday love (or maybe just trying to convince me to pick her up).

The girls at work organised this little beauty - underneath all that chocolate is a two storey sponge cake, layered and covered in thick cream. Richer than an (AACo in-house graded) marble score 10 wagyu steak!

I decided I wanted to have a weekend away for some time-out so we've come to Montville to spend the night in a lovely B&B. We took our time getting here yesterday, stopping in at a festival in Blackbutt then continuing on to Maleny where I spent hours strolling through the main street shops - 3 excellent bookshops where I spent a lot of time, the local co-op packed with organic/natural produce, numerous homewares/gift/clothing shops and a wide choice of eateries. I enjoyed browsing and bought a couple of books and a woven basket. There was a big food festival on at the show grounds but we didn't call in there. It started to rain lightly so we headed to Montville and found the B&B. It's absolutely delightful and exactly what I was looking for. Photos to come.

The Week in Animals

Another cute week; most of these ended up on #morningmissm on Instagram.

78 eggs went into the incubator.

A calamari treat.

This little guy got separated from the flock; I caught him and carried him out to join them.

Vivienne's twins checking out the wheelbarrow at the new sheep race construction site.

I bought King new food and water dishes from the second hand shop in town. They're nowhere near as exciting as the 3 he wrecked last week.

And the sheep are really boring.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Chook Pen Taj Mahal

Meg bought a flat pack chook pen; it had a lot of pieces, 6 bags of different sized screws and very minimal instructions! It took a few hours to fully build and we didn't have too many arguments! It's a cracking little chook pen!

What a handy Dad!

Granny was the Keeper of the Screws.

We took 4 chooks out but ended up bringing the white one home again. It's the perfect size for 3 - a silver pencilled wyandotte, a partridge wyandotte and a black silkie.

Isn't it gorgeous?