Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 - It's a Wrap

Here's the 2016 list of things I wanted to do more of; I did a Roundup in January and February and then barely looked at the list again until tonight (16/01/17)! Full year result in red. I did do some wonderful things during the year, things that weren't on my list, things I had no idea I'd be doing until they came up.

For 2017 I'm still making a list of Things To Do More Of!

2016 - This Is Not A Resolution

·      Revamp the house – 
o   Move pictures, hang canvas photos
o   Rearrange 
o   Change light fittings
o   Bring plants inside
The only revamping happened when Drew came home and rearranged things :)

·      365 journal Miss M
o   Yes
o   Yes
Didn't get past April

·      Use the Thermomix more often
o   No
o   No
I make fantastic ice-cream, mango smoothies, lemon butter and strawberry jam but not much else

·      Plan a New Kitchen
o   Not Yet
o   Not Yet
No progress since Drew drew the plan on a serviette at a cafe in January

·      Book a Monthly Massage
o   Had the January massage; Feb will be a facial J
o   Missed Feb but have a facial booked and will book a massage before end of March
March didn't happen, haven't been back

·      Take a Beginners Yoga Class
o   Missed out on the first Beginners Class for the year BUT…
o   Started Boot Camp!
o   Still going to Boot Camp twice a week
Boot Camp stopped for the Winter; went back for 1 session in October; haven't been back

·      Take a Spin Cycle Class
o   No, but see above
o   No, but am doing the 15km Kokoda Challenge Toowoomba in March
No, didn't happen

·      Practice Drawing a Cow; Make It My Own
o   Not yet – but went to another Paint-a-long and painted a passionfruit flower
o   Nothing

·      Go Hiking at The Bunyas
o   Not Yet
o   Not Yet
No, but I did a lot of hiking up and down the Twba Range

·      Ride Bike, Skip, Tabata
o   Not Yet – but see Boot Camp
o   Not Yet – but see Boot Camp and Kokoda Challenge
Joined a gym; exercised a lot to walk the Aussie Ten Peaks

·      Listen to More Music
o   Yes; and have started a list of favourite songs for iTunes download

·      Read More Books
o   Read 2 books
o   Read 1 book
No but have numerous magazine subscriptions - Organic Gardener; Lunch Lady; Travel Play Live; Great Walks; Womankind; Graziher

·      Write, Write, Write
o   Not much
o   Not much; blog neglected
 Blog still neglected; morningmissm is the only writing that gets done

·      Go To Woodford Folk Festival 2016
o   No further planning

o   No further planning
Completely forgot about this until I saw someone on FB actually there!

Ten Peaks October 2016 - Part 6

Random photos that didn't make it into the last 5 posts but too good to leave out!

The two old ladies…..

Meg in red.

I think this was coming down from Peak 3.

Snow angels on the way to Peak 3.

Jammed my pockets full of snacks; got sick of delving into the backpack.

That's me.

I think that's me in the middle. Photo credit Monique La Terra.

Photo credit Monique La Terra

Ten Peaks October 2016 - Part 5

Back at the chalet we gathered in the lounge room and ate lollies and drank cups of hot tea. None of us were in a hurry to shower or pack or go to bed. What began as a social, light hearted rehashing of the previous few days turned into an evening of amazing life stories, sharing and caring, laughing and crying, and learning. It’s so true that each person is fighting their own battle and we never really know just what they have been through or survived. The euphoria produced by the physical accomplishment of climbing the ten highest peaks in Australia was immense but the last night in the chalet with that group of strong women will stay with me for a very long time. I’m very glad to have met each one of them and I feel that they were meant to come into my life and remind me of things I’ve long forgotten.

The next morning when I looked out the window I couldn't believe my eyes - grey cloudy skies, pouring rain and driving wind!! How lucky we were to have had two perfect weather days. We had breakfast, finished packing and jumped in the bus and left for Canberra where we went back to the V--- Hotel and killed time before heading to the airport by eating hot chips and drinking coffee. Our flight home was good; I savoured the time I’d spent with Meg and was glad we’d shared such a wonderful experience.

What did I learn? I learnt that counting will always get you there. I learnt the value of layering your clothing. I only wore 4 layers on top and was very well insulated against the wind and cold. I learnt that anything is possible with the right amount of training. And I learnt to have more confidence in myself and what I’m capable of.

Upon landing we drove back to Toowoomba where Gibbo and Coco picked me up; off we went, back to reality, but a little piece of me stayed in the snowy Snowy Mountains.