Sunday, November 23, 2014

Goodbye Jazz

We lost little Jazz this morning; she suffered some sort of neurological event last Monday morning, almost like a stroke; her behaviour indicated she wasn't "all there". We took her to the local vet and they discovered that she had also gone blind. She spent a couple of days in the infirmary, her sight coming and going. None of the 3 vets could quite determine what was wrong. We brought her home on Thursday and it was obvious that she was going downhill. She died this morning. I think she enjoyed her time being a farm dog; it wasn't long, but it was fun. She didn't ever meet Poofy but she'll be buried beside him.

This Week With The Kids (and Kid Brother)

Meg received some good news; she found out that the role that she has been acting in since July and for which she applied to fill permanently is now hers. Congratulations Meg! We sent flowers.

she rode to work on the new speedster.

She went to the races.

She even managed to see a horse.

Drew spent yesterday morning at a coffee shop reading the paper and trying to work out how he/we can take advantage of the FTA between China and Australia taking into consideration the recent opening of a new airport within 45 minutes drive of us (being flagged in some quarters as The New Gateway to Asia).

His vege growing attempts are progressing well.

My little brother has always been the one in the family to suffer injury after injury; if anything is going to happen to one of us, it will be Andrew who suffers. From being bitten by a redback spider and spending several days in hospital - "am I going to die Mum?" (I handed him the beanie that the spider was in on our way out the door to visit my dog that had just had 7 pups) to dropping a bowie knife on the top of his foot and taking a big chunk of flesh off to being shot in the head by Peter while playing War in the machinery shed (wow, didn't that one cause a ruckus, especially when they ran home from the shed with Peter saying, "Don't Tell Mum What Happened"; duh) it's always been poor Andrew. Therefore, I wasn't surprised to wake up to these images earlier in the week; through my bleary 5am eyes (no glasses) I thought he'd chopped the top off one of his fingers. In fact, it's his big toe - a horse stood on it. Ouch. He cleaned it up in the shower, pushed it back into shape and wrapped it in gauze and bandaids. As you do. (When I re-read the above it sounds like Peter and I were trying to get rid of our baby brother all those years ago; it wasn't really like that - we really were quite fond of him. Even when I bent his little finger backwards I wasn't really trying to break it....anyway, I paid for it when the surcingle strap from the saddle (deftly wielded by Mum) connected with my legs).

I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself...

It's Sunday. I'm sitting in the back room of the little cafe in our nearby small town (pop 400). This weekend is the first time in over 3 months that I haven't gone into the office to work. I've worked at least one, often both, weekend days (even after the surgery) for so long now that I can't even remember the last time I didn't. I keep feeling like I should be there. I feel a bit lost.

This morning before I left home I made some mini-quiches and cinnamon cupcakes and polished the wooden furniture with o-cedar and set the sprinkler going. When I go home I'm going to make lemon butter and mop the floor and clean the bathroom. Maybe.

We went to Bris earlier in the week and handed over another slice of my job; now I'm back to having a normal full-time job instead of a job and a half. It will take another week or two to catch up on the things that have fallen to the wayside lately. I don't really know what's normal anymore.

This is where I'm sitting. In the air-con!

I'll have to leave here soon; there's a lunch-time function in the room; I can relocate to the lounge in the front room if I want to.

I ran into Peter, my older brother, when I did the grocery shop yesterday; we were discussing Meg's penchant for expensive handbags; we sent her this photo. At the checkout I ran into my little brother.  How wonderful to be able to just run into your siblings and kiss and hug them.

The makings of the new fenceline up at the tanks; I had to help G lift the post on the right into the trailer then off the trailer and into the post hole. Heaviest one yet! This pic was taken on dusk.

Starting the pump in the dark.

The first of the Grosse Lisse tomatoes are nearly ready; this is the plant I bought when we went to visit Meg during September.

The Roma toms are coming along; these are my favourite.

I plant lettuce around the toms and pick a few leaves when needed.

Sunday, November 16, 2014


This is what 240 bales of wheat stubble hay look like. We unloaded the first 120 on Thursday night and the second load on Friday night.

The Tree Line.

Yesterday morning I neatened the lines and filled in the middle.

The house garden bales have to wait until we spread manure; the soil is in need of a refresh.

The orchard trees got 6 each.

The avocado is still limping along; I think it will survive

Monday, November 10, 2014

Drew Finished!!!!

Drew handed in his last essay today - a whole day early! HE'S FINISHED UNIVERSITY!!!!!!

Here he is the night before his law exam - just before Meg rang him to offer encouragement.....
Not sure why he's wearing a hat at 11pm.

The morning of the law exam....

Drew and Adrian last week celebrating no more lectures or tutes.

No more teachers, no more books! Here's a bit of light reading for when you're feeling bored. Not.

Congratulations Drewy! It must feel amazing!

Caught Up

Finally, I've caught up. No doubt there's little things I've missed that I would normally have blogged about but I've captured all the best bits (thanks to a list I keep. If not for the list I'd not remember anything).

It's funny how I think I lead a boring existence but when you record 2 months of your life into a condensed version of the real thing then sit back and read over what you've written it's quite surprising how much we pack into our lives; it also explains why the house looks like it does. I've been away a lot/out of action over the last two months and when I'm here I'm either at the office or in the garden. Housework comes a distant last I'm afraid.

Meg was home on the weekend. We sat and worked out the Christmas menu (sounds fantastic) and also the hamper list - people and ingredients. They're going to be fabulous again this year.

Drew won't be with us; he flies out to The Philippines on Christmas Eve; gone for a month of sailing and diving. Right now he has two more essays to submit and he'll be finished Uni for the year (or forever depending on results). Doing 5 subjects and working at the restaurant has been a real challenge.

Meg has booked a 3 week trip to India next March about the same time that Gibbo and I go to South Africa.

I am happy to have caught up on recording the things we do; even if they're of no interest to anyone else I like that there's a record of where we've been. It feels good. Goodnight.

Real Fruit!!

We set up a sprinkler system to the fruit trees; this will work much better than taking buckets of water to them.

On the way home from Twba yesterday we called in at our favourite nursery at Oakey and bought a peach tree - complete with peaches!

We covered the avocado tree, hopefully not too late to save it.

The mango tree is just loving it's new home; this growth appeared since planting last weekend.

That's 6 trees planted now and 2 holes left to fill. The next tree will be an apricot; the final hole might get filled back in - it's almost pure rock and unlikely to grow anything. I think we've pretty well covered off on our favourite fruits now; so we'll sit back and see what happens!