Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 - It's a Wrap

Here's the 2016 list of things I wanted to do more of; I did a Roundup in January and February and then barely looked at the list again until tonight (16/01/17)! Full year result in red. I did do some wonderful things during the year, things that weren't on my list, things I had no idea I'd be doing until they came up.

For 2017 I'm still making a list of Things To Do More Of!

2016 - This Is Not A Resolution

·      Revamp the house – 
o   Move pictures, hang canvas photos
o   Rearrange 
o   Change light fittings
o   Bring plants inside
The only revamping happened when Drew came home and rearranged things :)

·      365 journal Miss M
o   Yes
o   Yes
Didn't get past April

·      Use the Thermomix more often
o   No
o   No
I make fantastic ice-cream, mango smoothies, lemon butter and strawberry jam but not much else

·      Plan a New Kitchen
o   Not Yet
o   Not Yet
No progress since Drew drew the plan on a serviette at a cafe in January

·      Book a Monthly Massage
o   Had the January massage; Feb will be a facial J
o   Missed Feb but have a facial booked and will book a massage before end of March
March didn't happen, haven't been back

·      Take a Beginners Yoga Class
o   Missed out on the first Beginners Class for the year BUT…
o   Started Boot Camp!
o   Still going to Boot Camp twice a week
Boot Camp stopped for the Winter; went back for 1 session in October; haven't been back

·      Take a Spin Cycle Class
o   No, but see above
o   No, but am doing the 15km Kokoda Challenge Toowoomba in March
No, didn't happen

·      Practice Drawing a Cow; Make It My Own
o   Not yet – but went to another Paint-a-long and painted a passionfruit flower
o   Nothing

·      Go Hiking at The Bunyas
o   Not Yet
o   Not Yet
No, but I did a lot of hiking up and down the Twba Range

·      Ride Bike, Skip, Tabata
o   Not Yet – but see Boot Camp
o   Not Yet – but see Boot Camp and Kokoda Challenge
Joined a gym; exercised a lot to walk the Aussie Ten Peaks

·      Listen to More Music
o   Yes; and have started a list of favourite songs for iTunes download

·      Read More Books
o   Read 2 books
o   Read 1 book
No but have numerous magazine subscriptions - Organic Gardener; Lunch Lady; Travel Play Live; Great Walks; Womankind; Graziher

·      Write, Write, Write
o   Not much
o   Not much; blog neglected
 Blog still neglected; morningmissm is the only writing that gets done

·      Go To Woodford Folk Festival 2016
o   No further planning

o   No further planning
Completely forgot about this until I saw someone on FB actually there!

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